Women's History

Female President's Subject Expression and Silent Protest in Republic of China:Focusing on the Reort in Dagong Newspaper in Hunan Province

Wan Qionghua
School of Marxism, Central South University
Jiangsu Social Sciences 2016-6

Abstract:Ouyang Jun, female president of the third provincial women school, and Tong Xizheng, femalepresident of the first provincial women school, were pushed successively by the Hunan Dagong newspaper tothe cusp of public opinions and became the focus of the public concern in 1922, even suffering more thanone-month attack from elite males especially after the problem of incomplete subjects was disclosed in thefirst provincial women school. Through analyzing those related reports published at that time, the present pa-per finds it interesting that the two female presidents had different strategies to cope with the problem, theformer taking an offensive one while the latter taking a defensive one. Considering the two things in the spe-cific historical context in Hunan, we can see why two female presidents became the focus of the report andfurther understand the embarrassing situation those professional women in Republic of China and the genderpower game behind.
Keywords:female president, subject expression, silent protest, Hunan Dagong Newspaper

Paper type:Published