Women's History

Literature Summary and Situation Study of Man Duhai

Nie ZhangJiang
College of Tourism,Inner Mongolia Normal University
Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University(Philosophy and Social Science) 2016-3

Abstract:Man duhai was a famous heroine and politician in the history of Mongolia, and she made a great contribution to politic, economy and culture of Mongolian history. Her political insight and military talent are deserved by academia. However, as for such a prominent woman of Mongolian history, Mongolian literature marked her actions,but Chinese literature has less records about her. This paper will intensively introduce the Mongolian and Chinese literature written Man duhai's stories, especially Mongolian documents. At the same time, summarize the research situation within academia concerning Man duhai, so that later generation could deeply dig and tidy history literature of Man duhai.
Keywords:Man duhai, research situation, literature

Paper type:Published