Women's History

The Buddhism Faith of Women in the Northern Dynasties Seeing from the Inscriptions

Shao ZhengKun
Institute of Ancient Books, Jilin University
Journal of Jilin Normal University(Humanities & Social Science Edition) 2016-6

Abstract:Many women became the supporters, believers and practitioners of Buddhist under the influences of Buddhist worship in the Northern Dynasties. They participated in the activities of building Buddha actively. Those women showed the care of their life and their own destiny, the concern for the future of relatives, and even the hope of all beings. Buddhism permeated the people in the north and played a social support among the women in the Northern Dynasties. The religion shaped their worldview and values, provided the opportunity to go into the society outside the family for them and also provided a way out for those suffered misfortune in the marriage and family.
Keywords:Northern Dynasties, women, Buddhism, feature, influences

Paper type:Published