Women's History

The Relationship between Sexual Contracts And Marriage by a View of Historical Materialism

Dang Hongmei
The Xuwen County Party School of CPC
Journal of Shandong University of Science and Technology(Social Sciences) 2015-2

Abstract:The sexual contracts come from animal instinct of the human beings, and it has properties of freedom; The ancient Chinese system of "kidnapped marriage" derives from robbing girls for sex when it was dim, and It has properties of fist-force; They has different names and same content between the "kidnapped marriage" within the Customary law and the marriage in the institutional Law since Qin and Han Dynasty to the date of Qing Dynasty: The imperial power was managing the brothels of official sexual contracts and folk; One man had enjoyed the girls before paying to their fathers, the girls were treated as the sexual partners of different names and be resold or given another man . The political, economic and cultural factors decided the change of the sexual contracts by scattering "kidnapped marriage" into the Institutional law;The modern marriage is a complete system in the institutional law. Creating feminist education system and popularizing subject education would decrease the non-marital sex.
Keywords:Sexual contract, Marriage form of robbing girls, Marriage; fist-force, Compulsory

Paper type:Published