Women's History

On Women's Thoughts in Huizhou during Ming and Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China

Wu Yue
Department of history, Anhui University
Journal of Daqing Normal University 2016-5

Abstract:Women in Huizhou are a special social group because of the relatively confined geographical situation and influence of Neo-Confucianism and patriarchal clan system. They tend to be more conservative, and their feminist awareness is relatively weak which makes their thoughts typical and of research value. The transformation of Huizhou women’s thought is not easy, but after a long and arduous process. The period from Ming and Qing Dynasty to early Republic of China is the crucial period of the change of Huizhou women’s thought. By exploring female thoughts and the background at that time, we can get the whole Huizhou development process, which can be served as the reference of the development of feminism today.
Keywords:Huizhou, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Republic of China, women's thoughts, women's liberation

Paper type:Published