Women's History

Study on Mulan Culture in Cross-culture Context

Guo JieJie
GUO Jie-jie;Lu'an Vocational and Technical College
Journal of Changchun Normal University 2016-7

Abstract:In the development of Hua Mulan, her image has been changing from normal people's generation and literature, and during this process, it has been enlarged and perfected. Hua Mulan has been given different meanings in different situations. In Yuefu folk Mulan of the Northern Dynasties, Mulan is gentle and restrained. In the films Mulan 1、Mulan 2, Mulan is enthusiastic and bravery. Then in literary work Woman Warrior of a famous Asian American writer Tang Ting ting, Mulan is full of courage to pursue independence. In TV drama Moment in Peking, Yao Mulan has beauty, wisdom, courage and love. "Mulan"does not refer to an individual, and it has been developed into a spiritual image. Mulan culture is a kind of culture deeply rooted in Chinese soil. It is useful for us to make a comparison between Mulan in China and Mulan in western countries. The study of Mulan culture can help us have a deep understanding of the culture differences in context. Most importantly, it can reflect the need of women.
Keywords:Mulan culture, East and west culture, story adaption

Paper type:Published