Women's History

Discussion on the Education of the Aristocrat Woman from "In Looks" in Ancient Times

Wang SuXiang
Department of Politics and History, Jinzhou Teachers' College, Jinzhuo Liaoning 121001, China
Journal of Anshan Normal University 2006-3

Abstract:During the feudal period the education to the aristocrat woman’s limits not only in "the three to be obeyed and the four feminine virtues" but also "sets up virtues to practice moral culture" "modestly" "thinks of danger in peace" "industriously" "observes the etiquette "and so on, which involves the aspects about which the aristocrat women conducts oneself in society. Under the modern historical condition, the comprehensive correct understanding to the aristocrat woman’s education is helpful to all levels of the leading cadre spouse’s restraint and the management, which will make them understand authority own position correctly so that they will become good wife and achieve guards against danger.
Keywords:In looks, The education to the aristocrat woman's, New model

Paper type:Published