Women's History

Gender Views in Humanistic Confucianism

Yu GuangJun
China Women’s University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-5

Abstract:Since the new cultural movement, the strong democratic emotions cause misreading of Confucian culture.Confucian culture was labeled as gender discrimination, however, rather than having gender discrimination, the Confucianism insists a humanistic view of gender. Confucianism does not talk about gender relations in an abstractive way, but focuses on specific gender roles. Confucian rituals define the responsibility and obligation for each gender role as well as principles of interaction among different roles, which are humane principle of "doing to others as you would like have them do to you"and forgiveness principle of"wishing oneself to be established and also seeing others are established; whishing oneself to be successful and also seeing others are successful."
Keywords:Confucian culture, humanistic gender views, humanity, forgiveness

Paper type:Published