Gender Mainstreaming

On the Establishment of China's Legal Mechanism for Gender Equality Evaluation

Zheng Yumin
Dongguan University of Technology
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-2

Abstract:Legal mechanism for gender equality evaluation is not only the basis of mainstreaming gender equality, also institutionalized guarantee to realize gender equality. In China there is no national level legal mechanism for gender equality evaluation. This article intends to sort out the development of local laws and regulations in gender equality in China. With reference to foreign legal evaluation of gender equality and clarification of the legal concepts and objectives, we can further the domestic study of the subject, scope, procedures, and criteria of gender equality, propose countermeasures and suggestions, and finally enhance the establishment of gender equality legal evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics.
Keywords:gender equality, legal evaluation, social gender mainstreaming, mechanism

Paper type:Published