Gender Mainstreaming

Study of the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Public Policies During the Course of Gender Mainstreaming

Zhang Zaisheng
College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University
Journal of Tianjin University(Social Sciences 2015-2

Abstract:Gender mainstreaming is a global strategy to promote gender equality, and it is an international trend to improve the development of the harmony between men and women. Therefore, the Chinese Government has taken many measures to push forward and implement it. However, during the current process of gender mainstreaming, there are still a series of di- lemmas public policies facing, such as the ignorance of gender, the lack of the assessment system of gender equality, the pressure from mainstreaming overload, competitions and exhaustion, the weak awareness of equal gender and insufficient interactions of policies etc. Therefore, this paper claims that to promote the gender mainstreaming, it is necessary to estab- lish and prefect the gender assessment system of public policies, to push forward the reformation of women's organizations, to expand the investment of financial resources. In addition, this paper also emphasizes the influence of social forces on gender equality and the importance of horizontal communication mechanism of gender issues.
Keywords:gender mainstreaming, public policy, gender equality

Paper type:Published