Gender Mainstreaming

Relationship between Interpersonal Trust and Interpersonal Relationship in Contemporary Graduates

Zhang You, WuLingZhen
Anhui Medical University,
Journal of Qiqihar University (Philosophy & Social Science Edition) 2016-2

Abstract:Objective: To research the relationship between the interpersonal trust and interpersonal relationship on contemporary graduates. Methods: Investigating the graduates from freshman to senior in the form of applying questionnaires of graduates interpersonal relationship and interpersonal trust scale( ITS) and analyzing the data by SPSS software. Results: 1. There are no significant differences in different grades students and genders on interpersonal trust and interpersonal relationship; 2. Interpersonal relationships shows significant differences in different places of residence; rural graduates interpersonal relationships are better than urban ones,while both of them have no difference in interpersonal trust; 3. There are some correlation between interpersonal trust and interpersonal relationship,and different dimension of interpersonal relationship on interpersonal trust exists significant influence. In general,those students who have high subscales score also have high interpersonal trust. 4. Significant difference exists in the welcoming guests and dealing with the opposite sex in different gender university students born in 90 s. Conclusion: There is no causal relationship between interpersonal trust and interpersonal relationship.
Keywords:contemporary college students, harmonious, interpersonal trust

Paper type:Published