Gender Mainstreaming

A Probe into Non- profit Organizations' Action Strategy in the Perspective of Social Work-Free Lunch Provision as a Case Study

Zhu Pingyan, Huang Zhenni
Central China Normal University
Journal of Jianghan University(Social Science Edition) 2015-5

Abstract:Attempting to establish a "system-role" theoretical framework for social work, this article takes free lunch provision as an example of benign interaction between the government and non-profit organizations, analyses the role of non-profit organizations in actions, their action strategy and effects, and summarizes the strategy’s four characteristics: promoting coordinated governance as resource connectors; improving system construction as managers; mobilizing public participation though influencing policy making; and advocating the idea of charity. The author wishes to give some fresh light to the action strategy of non-profit organizations.
Keywords:free lunch, non-profit organization, social work, action strategy, role

Paper type:Published