Gender Mainstreaming

Health Literacy Promotion Strategy of Female Leaders from the Vision of Healthy China

Ba Yiran
Department of Physical Education, Shengda Economics Trade & Management College of Zhengzhou
Journal of Nanyang Normal University 2016-9

Abstract:This paper investigates and analyses the health literacy promotion of female leaders which plays an important role in promoting the female leaders' sense of social responsibility. The female leaders not only know how to care for their own health, but also bring the health concept into their management activities and successfully accomplish their mission of advocating health care and health environment with the concept of health literacy. The health literacy promotion of female leadership should be gained widespread concern from the government and social mobilization and the legislature should make a legislative record. In addition, the female leaders should also have a clear role consciousness in their public administration, set up a correct health values, make some scientific exercise programs and improve their health literacy in the health exercise continually.
Keywords:healthy China, female leaders, health literacy promotion

Paper type:Published