Gender Mainstreaming

The Influence of Family Planning Policies on Marriage and Families and Countermeasures

Xu Li
Politics and Law Univeristy of East China
Journal of China Women's University 2015-6

Abstract:A family is the most basic organizational form of social life and the stability of a family directly affects social stability. China's series of family planning policies with the purpose of lowering the birth rate, especially the one-child policy, have had a strong impact on marriage and families and led to a gradual weakening of family functions of raising children and caring for the aged, thereby resulting in difficulties carrying out the conventional family function of supporting family members. Therefore, as regards slowing down population growth, the main emphasis of China’s childbearing policy shall move from reducing population growth to maintaining the intactness and enabling the traditional functions of a family. At the same time, due to the integrality of public policies, they can only be fully effective with mutual coordination. In order to reduce existing and potential negative effects towards marriage and family, public policies and public services related to childbearing shall be improved along with the existing system of childbearing.
Keywords:childbearing policy, public policy, marriage and family

Paper type:Published