Gender Mainstreaming

Bewilderment While Awakening: Investigation into Barriers to Advancement of Current Chinese Women Undergraduates
Uploaded Time: 2012-01-17
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The investigation of 334 women undergraduates from 65 universities in China shows that there exist obvious barriers to the development of female undergraduates. The main barriers come to psychological...Version: Chinese
Political Participation of EU Women's Organizations: A Case Study of EWL
Uploaded Time: 2012-01-16
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
As new women groups different from the women organizations in member countries of EU, EU women's organizations participate in the EU decision - making process by the way of information - conveying and...Version: Chinese
Women's Organizations in China and Actions of Environment Protection
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-30
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Since Opening and Reform Policy began, Chinese government has thought highly of women organizations' role in environmental protection and demanded in"21 century agenda of China"that men and women shou...Version: Chinese
The Review and Revelation of Promotion Policies of Women's Participation in Science and Technology in Foreign Countries
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-29
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Based on the review of the policies in European Union and Korea, we analyze our own policies and find unsoundness of the related policy system. Also we find that the function of women's organizations ...Version: Chinese
A Study of Gender Harmony
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-30
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Gender harmony is a kind of new gender relationship, featuring interdependent, concord and developing together among male and female. Gender respect, gender equality, gender loving and equilibrium are...Version: Chinese
The Consideration about Constructing Social Gender Impact Assessment System on Law Making
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-26
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Constructing a harmonious socialistic society is the goal of our country. The harmonious society request gender equality and gender harmony. Gender mainstreaming is the essential way to fulfill gender...Version: Chinese
The Development and Validation of the Gender Ideology Scale ( GIS) for Rural China
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-14
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Based on the realistic background of rural China, the 14 - item Gender Ideology Scale (GIS) for Rural China was constructed with literature review, In-depth interview, Focus - Group Discussion, Expert...Version: Chinese
On the Social Policies in the View of Gender
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-09
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The essence of the public policy is to redistribute public resources, i . e., to offer the whole citizen both free and non - free welfare, as well as to compensate the disadvantaged groups, especially...Version: Chinese
Building Public Service-oriented Government-Take Gender Equality into Consideration
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-07
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Gender equality, one of the basic policies of China, must be as a key consideration in the process of constructing public service - oriented government. To provide high quality and effective public se...Version: Chinese
On Chinese National Mechanism to Improve Women's Status
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-04
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Since the nineties of the 20th century, China has made three breakthroughs on the national mechanism construction to raise women's status, creating a favorable environment to promote gender equality a...Version: Chinese
How is Gender Awareness Taken into the Mainstream of Social Development and Decision-Making?
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-01
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The proposal that takes the awareness of gender equality into the mainstream of social development and decision-making first appeared in the 1995 "Action Program" of the Fourth World Conference on Wom...Version: Chinese
On the Gender Analysis in the Policy of Rural Contracting Land
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-26
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
In order to achieve the true equality between male and female, the public policy should have gender angle of view. There are some rules about gender equality in our policy of rural land contracting. H...Version: Chinese
The Condition Difference of the Subject: Main Reasons for the gender Information Disintegration
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-24
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Information disintegration is a kind of new social disintegration phenomenon arising in the contemporary social informationization. This article studies current situation and behavior that men and wom...Version: Chinese
The Application and Development of Gender Theory in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-18
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The gender theory is a great theoretical achievement of western women doctrines. Since the 1990s, it has been gradually concerned by Chinese women researchers and spread and developed extensively. The...Version: Chinese
Comparative Study between Women Entrepreneurs Owning the Enterprise and Female Professional Managers Employed by the Enterprise-Female Private Entrepreneurs Group Analysis of Pearl River Delta Region
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-17
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Female private entrepreneurs in the Pearl River Delta Region consist of two main components : the women entrepreneurs and the female professional managers. Although they had some difference in human c...Version: Chinese
The Collision between Tradition and Reality-Investigation and Analysis on Why Women with Higher Academic Degrees Find it Difficult to Get Married
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-11
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
This paper starts with a survey. According to statistical data gathered from questionnaires and the information on single persons registered in matrimonial agencies, people nowadays still stick to the...Version: Chinese
Female•Wealth•Politics-An Analysis on Female Entrepreneur's Political Participation by a Case Study in Wenzhou
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-10
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The investigation shows that the level of participation is relatively high, but female entrepreneur's participation consciousness is still weak. Their motive still rests on the lower level, such as pu...Version: Chinese
A Discuss on Aff iance and Legislation Assumption
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-23
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Affiance originated from mercenary marriage of ancient society. The relative law of most countries or regions also stipulate the affiance system. The current marriage law of our country has not stipul...Version: Chinese
A Comparative Study on Gender Budget of the BRICs
Uploaded Time: 2015-07-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Gender budget reform in "BRIC" has an important role to promote gender mainstreaming and its financial refinement. Russia's gender budget has legislative protection; Brazil emphasizes the combination ...Version: Chinese
Opportunities and Challenges in Promoting the Gender Budget in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-07-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The purpose of the gender budget is to bring about a gender-sensitive response on the public budget in the process of gender mainstreaming, through analyzing its impact on men and women, in order to p...Version: Chinese