Gender Mainstreaming

Analysis on the Unbalance of Sex Ration of Birth from the Perspective of Gender
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-04
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The newborn baby's sex ratio is unbalanced and has become more and more serious since 1980's. The traditional thought of regarding man as superior to woman is an inherent origin with out-of-balance se...Version: Chinese
Countermeasures and Suggestions on Completing Gender Equality in Chinese Local Law and Regulations
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-17
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The year of 2015 is the initial year for all- round implementing governing the country by law, and also the 20th anniversary of establishing gender equality as national poly and the fourth World Confe...Version: Chinese
Gender Consciousness of Leaders in Policy Decisions and Influencing Factors—Based on Hunan Province Data
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-09
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
It is an important strategic measure in gender mainstreaming to strengthen the gender consciousness of leaders in policy decisions. The research finds that gender consciousness of leaders is still ina...Version: Chinese
A Study on the Impact of the Selective Two-Child Policy on Sex Ratio at Birth
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-24
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The high sex ratio at birth more than 30 years in China has aroused extensive concern at home and abroad. Some researches unfold that one of the major reasons is the implementation of the family plann...Version: Chinese
Indicators and Evaluation of Women's/Gender Studies in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-09-09
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Over the last decade, women's/gender studies has made significant development in China. Thus, it is imperative to sum up experiences of discipline building, present achievements of discipline developm...Version: Chinese
The Return and Preservation of “Tradition”and the Anxiety and Advancement of “Modernity”:the Thematic Evolution of Female Subjectivity in Chinese Films
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-20
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
As an era of liberation and passion as well as transition, 1980 s was women’s return and preservation of the"tradition"and the anxiety and advancement of"modernity"under the influence of the"traditio...Version: Chinese
Practice and Influential Factors in the Process of Gender Mainstreaming Boosted by Government Officials -- Based on the Survey of Hunan Province
Uploaded Time: 2015-06-07
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Gender mainstreaming is an important way to promote the equality of the sexes. Government officials have an important role in this process. However, data in the survey show that, in practice, there st...Version: Chinese
A Theoretical Concern of Female Development in China under the Background of Deep and All-round Reform
Uploaded Time: 2015-06-01
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Under the background of deep and all-round reform, we should stick to our creed of adapting to the forever changing objective reality and enhance the development of female situation in China. In order...Version: Chinese
The Investigation of the Legislation on Domestic Violence in Typical State in Civil Law System
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-21
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
There are two modes in the legislation on domestic violence in typical state in civil law system: one is the specific legislation on domestic violence, such as in Germany, France, Japan and South Kore...Version: Chinese
A Summary of the Forum on the Discussion of Anti- Domestic Violence Law of People's Republic of China (Draft)
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-21
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
With the introduction of Anti- Domestic Violence Law of People's Republic of China (draft), the community set off a discussion of the law. This forum also focuses on this discussion, which is hosted b...Version: Chinese
The Study on the Key Viewpoints of Social Gender Theory
Uploaded Time: 2015-03-20
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Social gender theory has become famous for the characteristic of criticizing knowledge with a profusion of writings and masterpieces. There are four key viewpoints in this theory: the first viewpoint ...Version: Chinese
A Research on the Relationship between College Students’ Online Interpersonal Trust and Online Self-disclosure
Uploaded Time: 2015-02-26
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
This study investigates the relationship between online interpersonal trust and online self-disclosure."Online interpersonal trust questionnaire"and"Online self-disclosure questionnaire"were given to ...Version: Chinese
Analysis of China’s Family Planning Policy Adjustments from a Gender Perspective
Uploaded Time: 2014-11-06
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The“CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues” put forward by the Third Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China’s 18th Central Committee, will graduall...Version: Chinese
Analysis of the Development of Higher Vocational Education in China Women’s University
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-27
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Vigorously developing vocational education is the consistent policy and requirement of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, and an inexorable law of economic and social development...Version: Chinese
On the Fertility Desire of Rural Youth Born in 1980s:A Case Study of Shijiazhuang Region
Uploaded Time: 2014-10-25
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
At present, the youth born in the 1980s is the main force in rural fertility. Their fertility desire will be affecting demographic trend for our country in a long time, and reflects whether the demogr...Version: Chinese
Looking at the Absence and Issues of Gender Evaluation Mechanisms in Public Policy from the Perspective of the “Couples to Have a Second Baby if Either is an Only Child” Policy
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The “Couples to have a second baby if either is an only child” policy is an important turning point of the basic national “family planning” policy, which was expected to “stablize moderately low ...Version: Chinese
Critique and Re-building:Reflections on the Public-Private Duality of Gender Norms——From the Perspective of the Public Domain Concept of Lancey Fraser
Uploaded Time: 2014-08-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The dual division of public and private spheres, as Habermas's ideal picture, played an important role in the theoretical construction and caused widespread impacts in the academic community and a lon...Version: Chinese
Study on Sports as a Way of Developing Women’s Human Resources
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-10
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
To develop women's human resources is an essential part of building a strong nation. It is believed that the development of women's human resources can be realized from the following four aspects: phy...Version: Chinese
Rethink on the Construction of Women/Gender Studies Disciplinary
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-02
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Women/gender studies in China has developed into a new academic field, and through examining three aspects of its discipline construction: the academic community, the academic research and degree educ...Version: Chinese
An Exploratory Analysis of Su Qing's View of Educated Females
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-17
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Su Qing, a renowned female writer, based in her own experience of life and rational consideration of human life in society, observed the trace of female life from a female perspective and explored a w...Version: Chinese