Gender Mainstreaming

Critique and Re-building:Reflections on the Public-Private Duality of Gender Norms——From the Perspective of the Public Domain Concept of Lancey Fraser
Uploaded Time: 2014-08-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The dual division of public and private spheres, as Habermas's ideal picture, played an important role in the theoretical construction and caused widespread impacts in the academic community and a lon...Version: Chinese
Study on Sports as a Way of Developing Women’s Human Resources
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-10
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
To develop women's human resources is an essential part of building a strong nation. It is believed that the development of women's human resources can be realized from the following four aspects: phy...Version: Chinese
Rethink on the Construction of Women/Gender Studies Disciplinary
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-02
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Women/gender studies in China has developed into a new academic field, and through examining three aspects of its discipline construction: the academic community, the academic research and degree educ...Version: Chinese
An Exploratory Analysis of Su Qing's View of Educated Females
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-17
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Su Qing, a renowned female writer, based in her own experience of life and rational consideration of human life in society, observed the trace of female life from a female perspective and explored a w...Version: Chinese
Sociological Analysis of the Gender Imbalance of Male and Female Kindergarten Teachers
Uploaded Time: 2014-06-14
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Most kindergarten teachers in China are women, but the advantages to pre-school education that men bring cannot be ignored. At present, the gender ratio imbalance of kindergarten teachers is serious. ...Version: Chinese
Formal Equality or Essential Justice: A Gender Analysis of Legal System
Uploaded Time: 2014-04-12
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
A favorable legal system for women has been formed in China, and women have enjoyed comparative good protection from basic human rights to special protection. Nevertheless, there is a gap between the ...Version: Chinese
A Gender Analysis on Public Policy -- Take Fujian for Example
Uploaded Time: 2014-05-08
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
In this paper, the authors take Fujian as the study region, and take the subject do the three main public policies(participating in the management of state affairs, jobs and social security) achieve g...Version: Chinese
A Comment on the Chinese Government's Health Policy and Action on Women in Recent Years -- On the Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Uploaded Time: 2014-04-20
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
In this paper, the author reviews the women's health from 2006 to 2010 with the relevant provisions of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and analyzes and ...Version: Chinese
Analysis on Public Library's Promotion of Female Reading
Uploaded Time: 2014-03-26
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
This paper discusses the important significance of female reading and the features of female reading, and analyzes how public library to better promote female reading and serve the female readers.Version: Chinese
Analysis on Ways of Improving Female Leaders’ Thinking Ability
Uploaded Time: 2014-03-24
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Thinking ability is an important factor influencing the work efficiency of leaders and their performance.To research the characteristics of female leaders’ thinking,tap their potentials,make best use...Version: Chinese
Women's Emancipation from the View of National Construction -- Women' Federation View
Uploaded Time: 2014-03-18
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Since the set up of People's Republic of China, women's federation had to liberate women from family so as to organize rural women. The federation first chose family system as breach to construct wome...Version: Chinese
A Study on Women Issues in Public Policy Decision Process -- Taking Foshan City for Example
Uploaded Time: 2014-03-12
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Public policy decision process is of instrumental value. A survey of women issues in Foshan city is to promote public policy's functions in harmonizing social interests, strengthen people's awareness ...Version: Chinese
Development and Construction of Female Sociology in Mainland China
Uploaded Time: 2014-03-12
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The Chinese female sociology came into being not as a branch of sociology in the revival of sociology in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s in Mainland China; it was a product of the researches con...Version: Chinese
The Advocacy of Gender Mainstreaming
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-03
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Advocacy to the society is the important content to realize social gender mainstreaming. And it consists of advocacy aiming at the public, advocacy directing at policy decision institutes and policy m...Version: Chinese
Responsibilities of Women's Federation in Promoting Gender Mainstream
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-03
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Decided by its nature and position, women's federation should exert the role of promoter, supervisor and catalyst in social gender mainstream. In specific work, it should define its promise of social ...Version: Chinese
Constructing,Criticizing and Surpassing——The Scope of Female Consciousness and the Female Criticism in A Dream of Red Mansions
Uploaded Time: 2010-03-05
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
A Dream of Red Mansions establishes a relatively independent scope of female consciousness, which focuses on the criticizing of patriarchy, emphasizes the sexual discrepancy and unique expression of f...Version: Chinese
On Problems and Solutions of Developing Female Human Resources in China
Uploaded Time: 2014-02-26
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
The development of female human resources plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society in China. However, there are many problems such as inadequate human capital inve...Version: Chinese
Reflection on the Mainstream of China's Gender Consciousness under the Background of Globalization
Uploaded Time: 2014-02-13
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
At the fourth World Women's Conference, China was one of the 49 countries which promised to take social gender consciousness into the mainstream of social development and decision. Under the backgroun...Version: Chinese
The Concept and Features of Gender Mainstream
Uploaded Time: 2014-02-12
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Social gender mainstream is a mutual recognition of gender equality for the international society for many years. And it is an effective way to restrict present social gender gaps and promote gender e...Version: Chinese
The Normative Context for Women's Participation in Entrepreneruship A Multicountry Study
Uploaded Time: 2014-01-29
Category: Gender Mainstreaming
Building on Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research, this study examines the impact of specific norms supporting women's entrepreneurship on the relative rates of women to men engaged in entrepreneur...Version: Chinese