Gender and the Media

Internet Communication, Consumerism and Construction of Women's Counter-discourse Space: Research of Netease Woman Channel According to Media and Gender Studies

Song Guihua
School of Media and Communications, Linyi University
Journal of China Women's News 2015-6

Abstract:According to Foucault's "discourse is power", media and gender studies indicate media reproduce social gender inequality, That is to say, they help to spread an ideology of patriarchal discourse. United States' scholar Nancy Fraser believed that invention and circulation of counter- discourse could build an alternative public sphere, which could achieve demands for women's topics and identity construction. Through the communication program women communicator setting the agenda of gender reversing the text of female stereotypes, the Netease women's channel is exploring the construction of a woman's counter- discourse space, but because of factors such as consumerism, the subversion of discourse by women themselves, and gender audience interaction, the women's channel is still finding difficulty in completing the construction of a counter- discourse space. There are three main reasons. The first is the antinomy between Internet development driven by capital and women's discourse. The second is symbiotic consumerism and internet communication characterized by symbiosis and conspiracy. The third is that women are forced to maintain traditional gender arrangements because of anxiety about identity.
Keywords:counter-discourse, gender consciousness, gender stereotypes, symbol consumption

Paper type:Published