Gender and the Media

The Change of Woen’s Media Role in Advertising Communication and the Construction of Female Subject Consciousness——Taking the Procter&Gamble’s “Like A Girl” as an Example

Guo Taoqiao, Lai Hongbo
East China University of Science and Technology
Design 2016-1

Abstract:In recent years, with the development of feminism, women's status is rising and people begin to pay more attention to women. It affects the advertising communication, and more and more advertisement begin to notice the awakening of female subjectivity, which in turn promotes the change of female's media role. The influence of the two is mutual. This paper will be based on the background of the new media advertising communication, taking Procter Gamble's advertisement as an example to study the influence of the public service advertisement on the construction of female subjectivity.
Keywords:New Media Communication, Female Subjectivity, Social Concern

Paper type:Published