Gender and the Media

Media Image and the Patriarchal Regulation——The Patriarchal Connotation Hidden in Urban Female Images in Contemporary Family Dramas on Youth

Su Meini
College of Journalism and Communication & Film and Television Arts, Hunan University
Journal of Central China Normal University(Humanities and Social Sciences) 2016-0

Abstract:There are various types of urban female images in contemporary family dramas on youth,which could be commonly divided into "the other female","the self female" and "the dependent female".There is a kind of secret and powerful strength of "patriarchy" hidden behind each kind of female images.The discipline to "the other female"reflects the patriarchy's power of defining the social value of woman;the punishment to "the self female" means the speaking power of patriarchal discourse on woman's actions;the ambivalence to "the dependent female" reflects the facts that,patriarchy oppresses both male and female.This paper reveals that,on one hand,the traditional patriarchy culture has strong ideological influence on woman's low value proposition.On the other hand,modern media culture lacks self-identity and advocacy on woman's subjective value.
Keywords:family dramas, on youth patriarchy, images of female

Paper type:Published