Gender and the Media

Analysis on LI Na's Report Constructed by Mainstreamed Foreign Media

Hong Jianping
Sport Journalism Department, Beijing Sport University
Song Ci
New York University
Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education 2015-4

Abstract:Sports news report becomes a more and more important way to cross-cuhural communication in this globe era. This paper studied on theme, keywords and information source of the reports, which published by The Times, New York Times and Times oflndia, about LI Na won the woman's Grand Slam title in 2011 French Open. The Times spread out a classic woman tennis star image which with powerful and charming personality. But New York Times showed a modem female image with pursuit of independed and freedom, beyond tennis circle, whereas Times oflndi- a created a image of decisive and quick-witted in job and a traditional oriental female who depended on her husband in family. These indicated that because of different geographical locations, social regulations, interest groups and political tendencies of journalist, different medias cannot avoid discrepancy when report a person or an event.
Keywords:sports reports, cross-cultural communication, LI Na, media image, report theme information source framework

Paper type:Published