Gender and the Media

Study on the Effect of Speed Exercise Path on the Physical Fitness of Female College Students

Zhang Jie,YanFeifei
P.E.Dept.,China Academy of Art
Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education 2015-11

Abstract:The article researched and formulated speed exercise path for the female university students and engaged them in the speed exercise path for a semester.And then,the researchers compared the data their body shape,body function,fitness,body composition before and after the exercise.The results showed the body shape indexes of the girls in the university have no apparent change.The indexes of the inspiration time of body increased significantly.The indexes of the quality including standing long jump,800 meter run,50 meter run,cross run,ten meters replication error walk,holding the ruler between two hands increased significantly.The indexes of body composition and body fat percentage decreased significantly.The promotion of speed exercise path can effectively prove the health of the girls in the university,and provide scientific reference for health education of female college students.
Keywords:speed exercise path, female college students, body shape, physiological function physical fitness

Paper type:Published