Gender and the Media

Influences of Callisthenics Exercise on Complements activities of University Female Students

Jiang Guifeng,HuangQiping,WanYanping
University of South China
Journal of Beijing University of Physical Education 2015-5

Abstract:To study the effect of aerobic callisthenics exercise on immune molecule immunoglobulin(Ig) of university female students. Methods: Thirty female students in Grade 2003 in nursing school of Nanhua university were selected to take part in callisthenics exercise every one or three times. IgG, IgM, IgA quantities were detected respectively by single immunodiffusiun. IgG quantities lightly increased until the eighth week, but highly increased on the tenth and twelfth week( P 〈 0. 05) of the students, who were trained of aerobic exercise for three times every week, but not IgM or IgA ( P 〉 0.05. IgG quantities of the students, who took part in appropriate callisthenics exercise, were increased. The humoral immune responses were probably enhanced.
Keywords:callisthenics aerobic, exercise, immunoglobulin

Paper type:Published