Gender and the Media

Decoding the News about China's First Lady from a Female Perspective:In-depth Interviews with Female Readers of the People's Daily

Xie Chen
Hubei Polytechnic University
Pu HongYuan
Pusan National University
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-4

Abstract:The news about China's first lady Peng keeps increasing recently, and attracts lots of attention from the female public in China. Through decoding such news, we can understand women's social status and their identity construction in present China. In this research, we select 12 females as the interviewees in the way of snowballing. The results show that female readings of the news about the first lady in People's Daily reflect their understanding of women's political hesitance, change of their view on success and contradictory confidence. These results indicate that there is a long way to go for the construction of Chinese women's new identity.
Keywords:decoding, newspaper, female, the first lady, identity

Paper type:Published