Gender and the Media

Study on the Changes and Countermeasures of Female College Students View of Women in the New Media Environment

Liang Jie
North Sichuan Medical College
Journal of Xichang College(Social Science Edition) 2016-3

Abstract:Under the influence of new media, a lot of media images of female college students' are distorted in the society. Some female college students don't have a clear self-identity. On the other hand, the concept of women also gradually changes. Of course, with the strengthening of supervision on the new media, positive information of female college students is on the rise. Also, female college students are experiencing changes in job hunting. This paper analyzes the reasons, encourages the positive influences and puts up with countermeasures to negative effects, hoping to help the female students to establish a positive and healthy outlook on women, so as to enhance their social value and reshape social honor.
Keywords:new media, female college students, view of women

Paper type:Published