Gender and the Media

Fourfold Method of Improving Female College Students' Gender Identity from the Perspective of New Media

Wang Ling, Liu Li
College of Marxism , Dalian university
Journal of Jining University 2016-5

Abstract:The new update media technology is a double-edged sword, the character of fast and convenient, interactivity, low threshold limits of the medium between the subject and audience, space for female college students provides a new field of vision and expression platform, at the same time, under the control of the male pursuit of commercial interests, consumption women, further strengthen the stereotypes of women.This article explores challenges and opportunities facing college students' gender identity in the new media environment era, and based on the new media puts forward fourfold method to improve the gender identity of female college students, namely the whole model of new media and social education environment, create soft atmosphere female students' gender identity;Build the new media environment female college students' speaking right, open up discourse space;To improve media literacy, improve female college students' self expression ability;Using new media to open women elective course, improve female college students' identity.
Keywords:new media, female college students, gender identity, fourfold method

Paper type:Published