Gender and the Media

Post Feminism and Gender Performance: An Analysis of Net Stars and Its Economy

Zhang Junjun
Zhejiang University of Media and Communications
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-6

Abstract:In the year of 2016, "net stars"become a spectacular force in the sectors of both media and economy. From the perspective of feminism, the highly homogenization of "net stars "substantially meet the erotic gaze from the male, which also enhances gender stereotypes of the female. At the same time, the huge financial advantages gained by the "net stars"challenge the present gender order to some extent. Although sharing some similarity with other "net stars", Papi Jiang, as one of the most remarkable one, attracts massive female fans with her particular touch, which manifests the diversity facet of web culture.
Keywords:"net star", "economy of web star", gender performance, fan cultur

Paper type:Published