Gender and the Media

The Analysis of the Female Roles in the 1990s' American Films: With Reference to Thelma and Louise and The Joy Luck Club

Li Zhongze
Beijing International Studies University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2014-4

Abstract:This paper looks into the two outstanding American films named Thelma and Louise and The Joy Luck Club produced in 1990s. From the sociological perspective and by means of a positivist approach, it comparatively analyses the different female roles, personal characters, codes of conduct, psychological traces and life destinies as are revealed in the films concerned. Thus it is intended to show the huge interactions between films as important socio-cultural media and American socio-culture per se. The treats of the female roles and their social encounters reflect many aspects of the American social movements(e. g. feminism) and hot social issues during that historical span. Such multi-angled expression of the American films in 1990s bears a significant impact on the feminist ideas in general.
Keywords:American films, female roles, feminist ideas, hot social issues

Paper type:Published