Gender and the Media

A Cognitive Study on Net News Headline in the Context of Spectacle Culture-Taking BBC's Report on Diamond Jubilee as an Example

Xie Yuhong
Zhengzhou University
Foreign Languages Research 2015-2

Abstract:In the present a ge of consumerism and new media, net news headlines are becoming increasingly multimodalized to meet the needs of media spectacle. Multimodalized headline construction demonstrates striking hybrid features of media spectacle in the use of multimedia modes, scarce resources, and in constructed headline meaning in a carefully devised multimodal context. The communication of multimodalized headline meaning resorts to joint attention between media and audience. The author conducts an analysis of BBC's "Report on Diamond Jubilee"and its multimodalized headline and the underline joint attention in the context of media spectacle, with a hope to help readers get further knowledge about net news genre and to extend cognitive study into a specific sociocultural context.
Keywords:Media Spectacle, joint attention, multimodal construction, net news headline, Diamond Jubilee

Paper type:Published