Gender and the Media

Media Violence and Collective Unconsciousness: The Gender Discrimination Controversy over the Comedy Joy Street during the Spring Festival Gala
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-08
Category: Gender and the Media
Joy Street, a comedy at the 2015 Spring Festival Gala, caused considerable controversy over whether it showed discrimination in gender terms. To investigate this, we carried out an online questionnair...Version: Chinese
New Century Rural Female Images in Media's Bias
Uploaded Time: 2016-03-17
Category: Gender and the Media
In new century, media pay attention to the rural female. Printing in the context of rural female image highlights the ethical value, audio-visual rethinking in the context of rural female image highli...Version: Chinese
An Empirical Analysis of Gender Construction in Sports News in the Context of Convergence Media
Uploaded Time: 2016-03-14
Category: Gender and the Media
Based on feminist media critism, this paper surveys the sports news reported by traditional and convergent media during the Olympic Games in London and analyzes the new features of gender construction...Version: Chinese
Development Strategy of Yu Ji Brand in the Perspective of New Media
Uploaded Time: 2016-03-09
Category: Gender and the Media
With the development of new media technologies, the traditional cultural industry in China ushered in new opportunities and challenges. In this paper, the history and cultural significance of the imag...Version: Chinese
The Study on the Mechanism Role of Mass Media in United States Social Gender Politics -- Based on an Empirical Analysis of the "The U. S. Presidential Elections in 1992 and 2002"
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-26
Category: Gender and the Media
This paper intends to take the 1992 and 2002 presidential election survey data released by the Center for Election Science as samples, to explore the relationship among the partisan and ideology of vo...Version: Chinese
Constructive Effects of Ads on Young Females' Figures
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-19
Category: Gender and the Media
In 1930s, image advertisements for young females in "Shenbao", for the first time, created feminine figures which conformed to contemporary culture and background. These ads were not only pioneers and...Version: Chinese
Misreading of the Media Image oil the Female College Students -- Based on the Perspective of Gender Theory
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-19
Category: Gender and the Media
An increase of social problems of female college students caused media's excessive coverage of female college students' negative news which is different from the excessive reproduction of objective tr...Version: Chinese
Guidance, Supervision and Demonstration—the Orientation of Mainstream Medias in Spreading the Value of Gender Equality
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-05
Category: Gender and the Media
Media spread not only the information, also the cultural norms and values. It has become an international consensus that the mainstream media is the main platform for conveying the mainstream media. M...Version: Chinese
Leads to the gender ideology criticism: gender communication studies of advertising of Post-Xinwen Lianbo
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-30
Category: Gender and the Media
Advertising of Post-Xinwen Lianbo(《新闻联播》) is a key of media text for us to observe the contemporary gender attitudes. This paper using the quantitative research methods analyzed gender images an...Version: Chinese
Media Literacy Education and the Growth of Contemporary Female College Students in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-25
Category: Gender and the Media
In the present information society, media literacy education has a profound impact on the growth of contemporary female college students in China.From the positive perspective, media literacy plays an...Version: Chinese
Women Rhetoric of Popular Culture Communication in Media-oriented Society
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-15
Category: Gender and the Media
In the current era of media - oriented society, with huge cultural industry and advanced electronic media technology, capital - led popular culture women rhetoric builds a hyper- realistic media world...Version: Chinese
A Game of Media and Society——Detailed Study of A Free and Responsible Media
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-21
Category: Gender and the Media
Driven by market factors and technology advances. China's media market was undermining the media's social responsibility, and media ecology worsening situation is grim. As a survey result of balancing...Version: Chinese
Media Description of women Images & Its Causes
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-16
Category: Gender and the Media
The media description of women images has neither presented the diversity nor reflected the true social reality; on the contrary, it is inclined to ignorance or neglect of women, stereotyped prejudice...Version: Chinese
Study on the Male and Female Image in the Dating Show -- A Case Study on the TV Show "Fei Cheng Wu Rao"
Uploaded Time: 2015-12-15
Category: Gender and the Media
In the dating shows like "Fei Cheng Wu Rao", the image of the opposite sex both the female and male guests accept reveals such a phenomenon: the creation of the male and female image by current media ...Version: Chinese
The Right to Information and the Slaughterhouse of Public Reputation -- A Discussion on the Role of Internet News Editors in Information Supervision from the "HIV Woman" Incident
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-11
Category: Gender and the Media
Lasting for only 11 days, the "HIV Woman" incident happening in Rongcheng, Hebei Province in October, 2009 ended up as a rumor. However, in the transmission process of the incident, network supervisor...Version: Chinese
China from "Others'" Point of View: The Understanding of The Spirits of Chinese by Gu Hongming and My Country My People by Lin Yu-tang
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-06
Category: Gender and the Media
Both of the two books, The Spirits of Chinese by Gu Hongming and My Country My People by Lin Yu-tang, provide a detail narration of Chinese for the westerners in the view of Chinese. Compared with the...Version: Chinese
The Dynamic Analysis on the Status of the Han Nationality Teen-age Girls' Physique and Healthiness in China
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-03
Category: Gender and the Media
Objective: To compare the analysis of dynamic change trends in fitness and health from 1995 to 2005 of young girls in Chinese Han, so as to provide a scientific basis for further improving their fitne...Version: Chinese
Young Chinese Girls' Perception and Expectation towards Teen Magazines: A Content Analysis of Seventeen and Rayli Fashion Pioneer Magazines
Uploaded Time: 2015-10-14
Category: Gender and the Media
Since teen magazines emergence in the 1940s, it won great popularity in Western countries among young people as it provide useful information and advices regarding teen's personal life. However, at pr...Version: English
Influence of Media on Female College Students' Gender Cultural Identity
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-26
Category: Gender and the Media
With new media becoming the main force in cultural communication, influence of media on female college students' cultural gender identity has received much concern. An investigation was conducted in f...Version: Chinese
Researches on Gender of Image in Advertising
Uploaded Time: 2015-08-12
Category: Gender and the Media
The researches on gender of images in advertising are mainly from two points of view. One is content analysis and descriptive interpretation, the other is about the influence of images' gender on acce...Version: Chinese