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A Study of and Reflection on Kindergarten Teachers' Living Status in Gansu Province

Li Pengcheng, Luo Yuan, Ma Fucheng
Hexi Celllege
Journal of China Women’s University 2015-5

Abstract:A questionnaire on the daily lives of kindergarten teachers covers 566 employees in Gansu Province.Results shows that needs cannot be met, that teacher professionalism is at a low level, and that degree, age and gender structures are not reasonable. Meanwhile, teacher turnover is very high because of job burnout, work stress, limited professional development opportunities, low income and a lack of basic social welfare guarantees. Besides, family and social life, as well as the physical and psychological health of kindergarten teachers are very poor. The paper suggests that Government increase the proportion of funding for pre-school education, and comprehensively improve the salary level of kindergarten teachers, alongside social welfare. It should also provide early childhood teachers with psychological assistance and develop modern enterprise management systems, while encouraging the introduction of private capital to establish large educational groups. State subsidies and tax exemptions should also be adopted to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private preschool teachers.
Keywords:preschool education, kindergarten teachers, life care, psychological support, educational group

Paper type:Published