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Will Attachment Relationship Affect the Shyness of Children?

Zeng Can
Guangdong Shaoguan College
China Journal of Health Psychology 2016-11

Abstract:Objective:To study the effect of attachment relationship on individual character formation;Methods:The IPPA Scale and the Shyness Scale were used in 281 students, Results:1There was no significantly attach difference in gender, only child or not, city or country, art or science department;2For shyness, high to 55% of the students felt shy, and rural student felt much more than urban ones(t=-2.731, P<0.05);3 Parents attachment relationships was significantly associated with shyness, shy students communicate with their parents less, but they had less alienation with their father(t=-3.196, P<0.01).Conclusion:Attachment relationship has important influence on person's shyness;Father has more effect on the development of individual's personality.
Keywords:College student, Patent attachment, Fatherly attachment, Maternal attachment, Shyness

Paper type:Published