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Normal University Graduates' Employment Anxiety and Its Causes

Li Yang, Wang Li
Ningbo University
China Journal of Health Psychology 2016-11

Abstract:Objective:To understand the current employment status of anxiety of normal university graduates and explore the causes of employment anxiety.Methods:By choosing random sample of graduates of Hebei Normal University as the research object and using the SAS self rating anxiety scale and the revised edition of college graduates anxiety questionnaire survey.Results:The normal university graduates employment anxiety level was significantly higher than the national norm(P<0.001), and the anxiety of obtaining employment level was positively related to employment pressure and the employment low self-efficacy(r=0.617, 0.567;P<0.001)and edge related to worries about employment prospect(r=0.136, P=0.057).Gender differences in employment anxiety of normal university graduates existed in employment anxiety level, employment competition pressure and worries about employment prospects(t=4.670, 2.288, 3.022;P<0.05), family differences existed in job self-efficacy issues(t=3.173, P<0.05), the only child or not differences existed in employment anxiety level(t=2.314, P<0.05), major differences existed in employment anxiety level and employment competition(t=4.508, 3.800;P<0.001), and the class cadre or not differences existed in employment anxiety level(t=2.108, P<0.05).Conclusion:The average level of employment anxiety of normal university graduates is high, which is related to the pressure of employment competition, the lack of self efficacy and worries about employment prospect, and the differences exist in gender, family, only child or not, whether the only child or not.
Keywords:Normal university graduates, Employment anxiety, The pressure of employment competition, Employment self-efficacy

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