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Study on status quo and correlation between participation attitude and quality of life of residents in community education in Urumqi

You Shuping, Liu Tao, Ma Long
Xinjiang Medical University
Chinese Nursing Research 2016-11

Abstract:Objective:To investigate the status quo of participation attitude and quality of life of residents to community education in Urumqi city, and to analyze the correlation between them, and to provide theoretical basis for community education in minority areas of West China.Methods:A total of 544 residents were randomly selected from new urban area, Tianshan district, development zone, Shayibake district in Urumqi receired questionnaire on participation attitude in community education status quo, and the status quo of the quality of life and analyzed the relationship between them.Results:The overall community education participation attitude score of residents in Urumqi was(87.910±10.482), and the overall quality of life score was(107.280±13.175).There were statistically significant differences in quality of life score among residents with different genders, ages, nationalities, education level, marital status, annual income, participation time and frequency of community education activities(P<0.05 or P<0.01).The total score of participation attitude of community education activities was positively correlated with the total score of quality of life(r=0.790, P<0.05).Conclusion:Multi cultural community education could help to meet the needs of Urumqi residents' spiritual life, strengthen their community attachment, and enhance their ability of self realization and quality of life.
Keywords:Urumqi city, residents, community education, participation attitude, quality of life

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