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An Experimental Study on the Anti-submarining Performance of Front-row Seat for Female Occupant

Zhang Tengteng, Wang Dazhi, Zhuo Peng, Liu Junyong
Safety Engineering & Virtual Tech. Dept, SAIC Motor Technical Center
Automotive Engineering 2016-11

Abstract:In view of that female driver and front-row occupant are gradually increasing and submarining is the major safety problem of front-row female occupant, the anti-submarining performance of front-row seat for 5th percentile female occupant is emphatically studied in this paper, with a series tests successively conducted, including seat anti-submarining static compression test, comparative sled tests on seats with single-pretension and dualpretension safety belts, and dynamic sled test on complete restraint system. The results show that the sufficient static stiffness of front-row seat is the basic condition for the anti-sunmarining of front-row occupant and the safety belt with dual-pretension can effectively prevent the submarining of front-row 5th percentile female occupant.
Keywords:anti-submarining, static compression test, dual pretension belt, front-row female occupant

Paper type:Published