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A Brief Analysis To the Approa Ches of Applying the Mixure of Sorrow and Joy And the Enchanting By Forms In The Wishes

Wang Daoyuan
No. 10 Junior High School, Anshun
Journal of Anshun Teachers College 2006-2

Abstract:While the people in LuZheng Town are joyfully celebrating on the lunar New Year's Day, elder Sister Xianling Shao, however, miserably passed away. The novel goes on in terms of describing festive atmosphere. The readers surely get the values by knowing the frustrating situation, thereby, a more shocking result can be achieved. Furthermore, the men and women at LuZheng Town just play tricks on A'Mao, Which undoubtedly pushes the paralysed spirit of elder sister XiangLingShao to the highes. The vegetarian old woman Mother Liu seeking for joys speeds up the collision of her desire to survive. The three ups and downs——a marriage, being a window, a remarriage, being a widow again as well as her dear little son's death, are all renected in elder sister XianglingShao'seyes, all of which are embodying the dying spirit of the poor woman. Elder sister xiangLingShao's whole story of mental disorders and the destruction of her health, afLer having failed to be a slave woman maks every reader deeply sorrowful about her unfortunate who1e life.
Keywords:the wishes, mixture of sorrow and joy, enchanting by forms, tragic life

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