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Anatomy Unique Dress Exquisite Depiction of Mind -- 5·4 Heritage -- Luo Wentao three US reunion Appreciation

Bu Xiaoji, Li Jun
College of Humanities, Hong He University
Journal of Honghe University 2015-5

Abstract:5·4 Heritage in the description of the dress with a metaphor and a deep irony is particularly unique secondary characters. People at that time, especially for the new intelligentsia profound analysis of the inner world and the soul of the future " 5·4" New Culture Movement some distorted social reality, distortion of the profound critique is 5·4 Heritage most worth exploring the meaning of one. One of the values 5·4 Heritage is that it reveals the deep after 5·4 one China "like awake, half in half the West"of the social reality.
Keywords:5·4 Heritage, Dress, Mentality, Anatomy

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