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Observation, Research, Integration and Sublimation -- Virginia Lee Burdon Teaching Us How to Create Children's Books

Wang Wenlu
China Women's University
Journal of China Women's University 2015-4

Abstract:Virginia Lee Burdon is best remembered as a talented author and illustrator of children's books in America in the 20 th century. She was the winner of the 1943 Caldecott Medal for The Little House. Burton's books include happy endings and profound meaning, lively illustrations, and clear words. Her use of space, typeface and design were original. In the creation of picture books, she inspired us to make keen observations of life, to make unremitting efforts to do research, to design after an overall view of all the words and pictures, to pay attention to detail, to condense the story into short sentences and to turn the ordinary into the sublime.
Keywords:Virginia Lee Burdon, creation of picture book, illustration

Paper type:Published