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International Comparison of Medical Insurance System Reform

Zhang ZaiSsheng
School of Management,Tianjin University
Journal of Tianjin University(Social Sciences) 2007-1

Abstract:The medical insurance system is one of the most important social economic systems for modern countries,which concerns the most basic interests of the people.How to strengthen medical service system and construct harmonious society, is an important task in front of us.By comparative analysis of Japanese and German medical insurance system patterns and their reform tendencies,it is believed that,the medical insurance level should adapt to the country’s;the government should positively undertake the medical insurance related responsibility,especially the farmer’s health insurance responsi- bility,deepen the health organizational system reform,optimize health resources disposition,strengthen community health service and the primary medical care,construct reasonable medical expense control mechanism,perfect medical insurance legal framework and related institution construction,and standardize the behaviors of various aspects of medical insurance.
Keywords:medical insurance, medical system reform, international comparison

Paper type:Published