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The Construction of China’s Service System for the Old under the Perspective of Planning Urban and Rural Areas as a Whole

Liu Xiaojing
College of Public Administration,HeBei Normal University
Journal of Hebei University(Philosophy and Social Science) 2014-1

Abstract:At present,China's old-age service system on urban and rural areas is divided.The service in rural falls behind that in urban.The level of service is low in rural.To speed up the social old-age service system construction has become the challenge of government to deal with population aging,and the key to achieving "security".To ensure the basic rights and realize the equalization in service,we must set up to adapt to the situation of China's social service system for elderly.Therefore,we must properly handle the relationship between the following aspects: the relationship between equity and efficiency,between government and market,between family and society,and between demand and supply.
Keywords:urban and rural overall plan, the service system for the aged, equalization of basic public service, system path

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