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Study on Canling Ji Siha of Eight Banners of Manchu

Liu Nan, Mu YinChen
College of Politics and History, Bohai University
Journal of Bohai University(Philosophy & Social Science Edition) 2017-2

Abstract:Ji Siha, a part of the Wusu clan, belongs to the Plain and Bordered White Banner of Manchu in Qing Dynasty. He came over and pledged allegiance to Nurhaci in the early stage of Tianming(1616- 1626) and followed Emperor Taizu and Emperor Taizong to conquer other surrounding nationalities and made a lot of achievements. He succeeded in the conquest of Liaoyang City. He was sent to go on a punitive expedition to soothe other Jurchen tribes and attack Korea. In combat, he played an important role. As a result, he became the hero of Houjin(in Qing Dynasty).
Keywords:Eight Banners of Manchu, Ji Siha, Liaoyang City, Northeastern Jurchen, Campaign in Bingzi Year(1636-1637)

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