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On Female Labour Rights Protection in the Perspective of ILO Decent Work

Pan Lingyi
East China University of Science and Technology
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-2

Abstract:Traditionally disadvantaged, women have won worldwide attention in terms of labour rights protection,which is directly related to the stabilization and development of social economy. Ever since its foundation, the ILO has committed itself to the realization of gender equality in labour rights, which, together with the elimination of employment discrimination, count as the most important content of the notion of Decent Work. However, despite continuous development of the economy, employment inequality remains, deviating from the ILO’s notion of Decent Work. As one of the most vulnerable groups, the protection of basic labour rights, dignity and income for women needs to be improved. Substantive equality and non-discrimination for women at work need the protection of international institutions as well as the joint efforts of governments, labour organizations, employers and the international community and various countries.
Keywords:decent work, female group, labour rights, gender equality, gender discrimination

Paper type:Published