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Lenient Sentencing and Punishment of Woman Responding Retributively to Violent Crimes

Yu Xiaoli
Jinan University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-3

Abstract:It is found that the reasons for women’s retributive actions to violence against them include traditional Chinese ideas, intolerance and indifference of non-formal social support system, and loopholes of formal social support system. It is worrisome that China’s current laws and judicial explanations and regulations on sentencing and punishment of women who took violent actions against abusers are not satisfactory. It is necessary to explore more on this issue from the perspective of battered woman syndrome, justifiable defense, victims’ faults, expectation and social harm so as to give justification for lenient sentencing and punishment against such women criminals.
Keywords:retributive violence crime, lenient sentencing, battered woman syndrome, justifiable defense, victims' faults

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