Women's Studies Abroad

Looking Eastward: Accepting Eastern European Feminism

Wang Qi
Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark
Chen Mi
Shanghai University
Collection of Women's Studies 2016-1

Abstract:This article introduces Eastern European feminisms and discusses the potential for them to become a new source of inspiration for feminist theorizing and organizing in China. It begins with a brief account of the post-socialist transition in Eastern Europe, particularly the changes in gender relations and gender discourses. While it reviews briefly how Eastern Europe encountered Western feminism and what influences that the West has had on the development of feminism in the region, the article also outlines the tenets of Eastern European feminisms in four aspects and illustrates what they stand for and how they constitute a formidable challenge to the hegemony of Western feminism. Finally, the article discusses to what extent Eastern European feminisms can become more relevant to the development of Chinese feminism than it is perceived now.
Keywords:feminism, Eastern European feminism, the Second World, gender, post-state-socialism, cultural feminism

Paper type:Published