Women's Studies Abroad

Discussion about Time Consciousness and Multidimensional Space of Chen Ran‘’s Private Life

Wang Xiaoyue
ollege of Humanities, Zhejiang Normal University
Journal of Shunde Vocational Technology College 2013-3

Abstract:Chen Ran's private life conveys the writing intention from two sides. One is the internalized time consciousness which reflects the author's independent thinking about the time-historical and philosophical characteristics. The other one is that the author presents memory, reality, dream and illusion via bird image frequently occurring which makes time-order inverted as well as mutually penetrated and space form multidimensional. On the basis above, Chen Ran finally integrates personalized space-structure with the internalized time consciousness, which highlights the profound meaning of the novel and the unique charm during the female growth history.
Keywords:private life, time consciousness, multidimensional space, space-time mixture

Paper type:Published