Women's Studies Abroad

Case studies on private elementary teaching with the left - behind children as a major source of students --Taking Bozhou B Primary School for an example

Zhao Lichun
ozhou Teachers College
Journal of XinYu College 2013-3

Abstract:In recent years, with the dwindling source of rural pupils, the development of market economy and the needs of society, a large number of left - behind children in rural areas increasingly come to private primary schools of cities. The quality of this type of teaching in primary schools arouses our full attention. We investigated Bozhou B Primary School and found the following main factors which affect the teaching quality: first, the source of this type of primary school teachers is very complex, and the teachers are very un- stable, the overall standard of teaching is low. Second, teachers" teaching concept is obsolete and needs to keep up with the times and the development of students. Finally, the teaching management of such primary school is too monotonous and strict, and the teaching e- valuation only depends on the marks, and the teachers ignore the students"overall physical and mental development.
Keywords:private primary schools, teaching ease, studies

Paper type:Published