Women's Studies Abroad

A Foucauldian Study of Pearl S. Buck and The Good Earth From Other's Point of View

Zhao Liang
School of International Studies, Zhejiang University
JOurnal of Jixi University:comprehensive Edition 2013-2

Abstract:Pearl S. Buck was a controversial female writer in the 20 th century. She had not received enough attention from eastern and western researchers for a long time despite that she had won the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Pulitzer Prize. Scholars.People from home and abroad have conducted researches mainly from the perspectives of cultural identity,feminism,and translation comparison. However,it is quite rare for people to study Pearl S. Buck from the perspective of Foucault's Power Discourse Theory. With the Power Discourse Theory,the paper analyzed the figures presented in her masterpiece The Good Earth,interpreting the Chinese society at that time from other's point of view.
Keywords:Pearl S Buck The Good Earth Michel Foucault power discourse theory others

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