Women's Studies Abroad

An Analysis of the Female Characters in Willa Cather's "Prairie Trilogy"

Chen Jia
College of Comprehensive Foundation Studies, Liaoning University
Journal of Shenyang Normal University (Social Sciences Edition) 2016-2

Abstract:Willa Cather is an outstanding female pioneer writer in the history of American literature. Her works are noted for depicting mid-western American landscape and female characters. Her representative novels, known as"prairie trilogy", are O’Pioneers!, The Song of the Lark and My Antonia. In these novels, Cather depicts Anlexandra,Antonia and Thea. Anlexandra is the first successful pioneer by Cather. After her father’s death, the family lived a rich life under the leadership of Anlexandra. Antonia is the ideal pioneer in Cather’s mind. After encountering a series of setbacks, she returned to the prairie. Antonia’s body and the land bear fruitful achievements through many years’ hard work. Thea is different from the other two pioneers, she chose to leave the prairie. With the love of art and the pursuit of dream, she owned a fantastic life with a wonderful song.
Keywords:Willa Cather, prairie, female characters

Paper type:Published