Women's Studies Abroad

A Reading of Victorian Middle-class Women's Liberation Movement

Fu YanHui
Institute of Foreign Literature of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
The Northern Forum 2014-2

Abstract:Victorian England has witnessed both the middle-class women's re-positioning their roles in the society and making their way to setting themselves free from restrictions of all kinds. As part of the agenda, women reformers strive to ask for rights of education and work for middle-class women. They seek for women the opportunities for self-development, while simultaneously great emphasis is placed upon women's duty to fulfill social responsibility, which when put into practice contributes tremendously to the Victorian society. Such a blending of promoting both self-development and fulfilling social responsibility provides fine examples for the more liberated contemporary women to follow, who might be confused at times as to how to manage the freedom they have in hand.
Keywords:Victorian, England, middle-class, women

Paper type:Published