Women's Studies Abroad

"Women-Unfriendly" Gender System in "Women-Friendly" Countries -- A Study of Feminism in North Europe

Min Dongchao
School of Chinese Language and Literature, Shanghai University
Journal of Shanxi Normal University(Social Science Edition) 2016-6

Abstract:The Nordic welfare countries are known as "women friendly". This concept was first proposed by the Norwegian feminist political scientist Helga Hernes, but the Swedish historian Yvonne Hirdman proposed the theory of gender system emphasizes the "unfriendliness"to women. Why is it that "women-friendly"become "unfriendly"to the gender system? In the globalization and intense marketing today, how can this"optimistic"Nordicstyle state feminism sustain? How does the "pessimistic"Nordic-style theory of gender system develop? These issues not only affect the Nordic women's movement and gender research, but also are worthy of our thinking and discussion.
Keywords:Nordic welfare countries, women-friendly countries, gender system, gender treaty

Paper type:Published